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'Toffe Tuinen' Route

What is a 'Toffe Tuin'?

In our view, it's a healthy, water- and nature-friendly garden! It doesn't have to be large or designed by an architect; it's about (bio)diversity and a bit of creativity. The open days are so enjoyable because of all this shared inspiration and conviviality.

Did you know that more than 40 per cent of Tilburg's surface is owned by residents?

So that's quite a lot of land where we can do something ourselves to create a nicer, future-proof living environment. Because, as you probably already knew, petrification is making cities and villages hotter, we are increasingly suffering from peak rainfall and biodiversity is declining rapidly (no bees, no fruit!). Of course, we can also collect water ourselves and provide more diversity. It's just great fun to see how everyone does that from their own taste and preference. Each Toffe Garden is special in its own way. From vegetable garden to flower paradise, from collaborative/neighbourhood garden to creative city garden.

Different layout in 2024

Because of all the visitors who like to ride or walk the route by bike, this year they are dividing the total area into 2 parts and 2 days:

SATURDAY 15 June Tilburg WEST: everything to the left of Ringbaan West
SUNDAY 16 June Tilburg OOST: everything to the right of Ringbaan West